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Nearshoring reduces supply-chain risks.


Mayan Armor Exports, S.A. was founded in January 2020. Our 10 years of experience in manufactuning body armor and armored clothing through our mother company Multiproductos Internacionales, S.A., prompted us to identify a need for the  manufacture of body armor carriers and plate carriers for the US market.   Because of the proximity of Guatemala to the the United States and the CAFTA free trade agreement between the US and Central American countries,  the project became viable and a reality with the first cut&sew OEM projects that came our way.  For Mayan Armor Exports, S.A. the number customers and size of projects has been growing steadily in spite of the challenges faced in 2020 due to the pandemic.  We expect continued growth in this market due to increasing world wide securty concerns and geo-political tensions.

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We offer a quick response time for your body armor carrier manufacturing needs.  Flexible manufacturing processes to accomodate your specific needs.

Protection of your intellectual property by signing non disclosure agreements (NDA)

Great quality at a competitive price!

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When working with us you can substantially reduce your supply chain risks.  Due to the proximity of Guatemala to the United States, and the availability of logistical solutions supervision of your projects will be simplified.  Guatemala is in the same time zone as the main US locations which facilitates communications.  

In addition, our company understands your needs and will find solutions to satisfy your needs.

Nearshoring reduces supply-chain risks!